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Bagpipe Supplies-Cords Covers and Tools
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Silk Cords  $26.00

Silk Cords $26.00

Velveteen Bagcovers  $38.00

Velveteen Bagcovers $38.00

Silk Cords & Velvet Bagcovers For Sale
Cord Colors
Bag Cover Colors
Fringe Color
Bagcover Fringe Choices to write in: Black, Gold, Green, Navy, Red, Silver & White.
The supply department is divided into different topics depending on the problem that you are trying to solve. Pipe Bags, Chanter Reeds, Drone Reeds, Drone Valves, Moisture Control and Cases are found on other pages.  You can navigate those pages by pushing the buttons to the left. On this page, I am showing products that every piper can use without a lot of scrutiny.

Bag covers and cords are what we use to dress up our pipes. The cords, besides being decorative, hold the drones together so that they all stand up. Bag covers are chosen depending on your personal or band colors.

The Maintenance Kit below is a basic kit that everyone should have. All of these items are items that you should carry in your case. Again you might want to consult your Pipe Major/Instructor for their tool recommendations.

Finally the last group of items on this page are tuners and metronomes. I think that they are very useful tools when learning to tune your pipes. If you play in a band, your Pipe Major probably uses one to tune everyone together. Some tuners have built-in metronomes.

The items below make up "the Maintenance Kit".  The kit sells for $62.95 plus shipping.  If you were to buy these items separately, you pay $74.75 plus shipping.   
Maintenance Items
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Black Waxed Hemp  $12.00

Black Waxed Hemp $12.00

Yellow Waxed Hemp  $12.25

Yellow Waxed Hemp $12.25

Chanter Tape  $2.75

Chanter Tape $2.75

Poly Reed Protector  $15.75

Poly Reed Protector $15.75

Drone Corks  $3.25

Drone Corks $3.25

Stock Corks  $6.75

Stock Corks $6.75